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Friday, August 31, 2012

Bridal Order for Brecora

I received a request from a bride, Brecora Broner, to make her some bridal jewelry sets for her 8 bridesmaids for her wedding in October with a peacock theme.  I happily agreed to work with her and was provided with her wedding color swatch and a picture of the bridesmaid dress.  The MOH has a similar blue dress, but with a green sash - the color of the green in the color swatch shown below.

So, after communicating with Brecora through email and getting an idea of what she was looking for, I started working on some designs...

She asked me to try to work these previous designs into the original design that she found in my Etsy shop, shown below:

So... changing out the light bronze Swarovski pearls with the antique brass color, and adding the new Swarovski pearl color, Petrol blue, I created the following bridesmaid set, which Brecora loves and agreed on as the design to make for the bridesmaids.
I think it's beautiful and very unique and according to Brecora, " I think the set is just splendid. You picked the vision right out of my head... Thanks for working with me. Working with you was way better then scouring the stores looking for a set to match. Whew! One thing to check off of the list."  :)

So, next, I started working on her MOH set, adding green glass pearls and gold rhinestone spacers...

And we ended up choosing the design below... with the earring with the blue pearl at the top.

Stay tuned for my next blog on Brecora's bridal jewelry... more pictures of the finished designs of the MOH and also a beautiful Mother-of-the-Bride jewelry set!!


  1. The pictures do not give the jewelry justice. One of my bridesmaids were at my house and she just had to see it....she loved it. She was really hype about the fact that she could definitely wear the set again...*score* I know I was emailing you excessively, but I am really glad that I ran across you on etsy. The bridesmaids dresses came in today, time is winding down. yahoo!!!!

    1. Hey Brecora, thanks for leaving a comment here and thanks so much for your compliments! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and I am so happy that you love your jewelry!! And I am thrilled to hear that your bridesmaid likes the set so much that she will want to wear again! It's getting close... less than a month away!! :-)