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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bridal Order for Tracey - Part 3

So continuing on with the 3rd part in the series of posts I am writing on Tracey Hotze's bridal jewelry, I will discuss some of the plans Tracey and I decided on for the designs for the program girls, flower girl, and junior bridesmaid.

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So, after further communications with Tracey, I discovered that she has 1 junior bridesmaid (7 years old), 1 flower girl (3-years old), and 3 program girls (5 yrs, 8 yrs, & 10 yrs).

Jr. Bridesmaid:  Tracey decided that she wants her junior bridesmaid (who is 7 and wearing an ivory dress) to have a similar design as her bridal jewelry, with the exception of having the "Y" teardrop dangle, and to have less Swarovski silver rhinestone spacers.  So this is what I came up with... (Instead of silver rhinestone spacers between every 3 pearls, here we have a silver rhinestone spacer between every 5 pearls).  I sent Tracey a pic and she loved it - just wants the extension dangle a little shorter.

Flower Girl:  For her flower girl, who is 3 and wearing an ivory dress with dark brown sash (just like the flower girls in my wedding last year!!), we decided to go with Swarovski ivory & dark brown pearls, with clear Swarovski crystals between each pearl.  Initially, Tracey asked me if we should include dark brown pearls at all or just maybe have a few throughout the necklace, so I created the following design with a dark brown pearl between every 2 cream pearls.  I sent to Tracey and she asked me to do the dark brown and ivory pearls every other, and here are the designs...

Tracey chose the one directly above, with dark brown and ivory pearls consecutively strung with the clear crystal bicones between each pearl.  I like this one best, too, as this is the design I used for my 2 flower girls for my wedding back in 2011.  :)

Program Girls:  For the 3 program girls, who are wearing dark brown dresses with gold sashes, we decided to go with Swarovski bright gold pearls and dark brown pearls.

I still need to add the extension chains (gold for these) and I made a couple designs for Tracey to pick from for the earrings.  Only different between the two shown is that one is a little longer, with an additional crystal on top.

In the next post, I will be showing the final pictures of the bridesmaids and usherettes designs, boxed up and ready to go, which I have already shipped to Tracy.  I should have all of the program girls', jr. bridesmaid, and flower girl sets completed and ready to go, so I will have pics of these completed sets.  Also, I hope to have a good start on her mom's jewelry.  She has requested that I make something similar to the following for her mother's bridal jewelry...  I am pretty sure this is the RAW (right angle weave) stitch, which I love doing, and so I don't think it will be difficult to do.  And then I will create some matching earrings to go with it.

Stay tuned for more and feel free to leave comments!!  Including Tracey's bridal jewelry, I am currently working on 4 bridal jewelry orders simultaneously (2 of them are in October, 1 in Aug, & 1 in Sep), and so I have plenty to blog about! LOL  I want to write about and show pictures of these other bridal orders, as well... just not sure when I'm going to get to them.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bridal Order for Tracey - Part 2

This post is a continuation of Bridal Order for Tracey - Part 1, one of my biggest bridal orders so far, which I am currently working on for Tracey Hotze, who is getting married in October.  This part of the series of posts I am doing on her wedding is concentrated on her bridal jewelry set.  For her set, she wanted a teardrop, or "Y", ivory/cream pearl crystal necklace, along with matching earrings, to blend well with her gorgeous bridal dress.  See following picture...  Wow, I love this dress!!  :)

So after several email conversations and creating designs based on what Tracey had in mind, I worked towards making her the perfect set.  I also looked at some of Tracey's favorites that she had on her Etsy profile, and tried to incorporate certain aspects of those designs into my own designs, based on the "look" that Tracey had told me she wanted. Based on all of that, here are some of the designs that I originally came up with...

As a side note here... All of the pearls, crystals, and silver rhinestone spacers used in these designs are from the Swarovski collection, as they are the best in quality, shine, sparkle, everything... at least, in my opinion.  :)

Based on some of the designs that I found in Tracey's favorites, there was some chain in a couple of them, but mainly showing up in the back, as a long extension chain and dangle.  But after sending these pics to Tracey, she requested more pearls and less chain, and she really liked the silver rhinestone spacers, as they match the silver sash around the top of her dress, above the waist, very nicely.  And I just love using these silver rhinestone spacers, as they bring out some awesome "bling" in the jewelry, if used the right way.  So, I came up with some more designs using a combination of Swarovski pearls, crystals, and rhinestone spacers.

So for the next design, I added in some Swarovski crystal balls to add even more bling!!

Then, I created the following designs using Swarovski clear crystal bicones alone and then combined with the Swarovski silver rhinestone spacers.

Tracey decided against the use of the clear crystal bicones and just having pearls and silver rhinestone spacers, so I created the following, inserting a silver rhinestone spacer between every 5 pearls.

Tracey loved this look, but asked me to make it with more silver rhinestone spacers, with one between every 3 pearls instead of 5 pearls, as shown above.

And here we have a winner!!!  :)

Only change I made was to remove one of these chain sections so that we just had one extension chain dangle, which I think looks better myself.

And here is the bridal set presented in the free silver gift box, that I included in Tracey's order.  I also included free gift boxes for all the other sets, which will be shown in my next blog.  :)

Stay tuned for more on Tracey's bridal jewelry, including the designs that I have yet to make for her program girls, flower girl, and junior bridesmaid...  :)

Thanks so much for reading... and please feel free to leave comments!!