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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Anastasia's Wedding Jewelry - Part 4

Just writing an update to my latest big bridal order I thought I had finished... LOL  To summarize my last 3 posts, I was asked to do a bridal jewelry order by Anastasia (bride-to-be, who will be getting married May 5, in less than 3 weeks, in Cape May, NJ), who happened to find me on Etsy.  She requested 3 of my light blue and white Swarovski pearls and crystals jewelry sets for her bridesmaids.  This led to her asking me to make jewelry for herself, her daughter (flower girl), and her guest book attendant for the wedding.
To read up on the details of the this amazing journey of creating Anastasia's bridal jewelry, please see my prior blog posts, filled with pictures of the jewelry I custom handmade for her and her wedding party...

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Well, after I shipped everything out and she received it, she wrote me telling me how everything was perfect and wonderful, but requested that I re-size a few items - her necklace and her daughter's necklace and bracelet, which I happily agreed to.  So she shipped the items back and I adjusted them accordingly.

Once she received her re-sized adjusted jewelry, she requested that I create a jewelry set for the moms in the wedding - her mom (mother of the bride) and her fiance's mom (mother of the groom), so we began the process of picking out designs and colors to complete these 2 additional jewelry sets.
She decided on pink and white Swarovski pearls for her mom and she wanted a champagne/bronze/platinum color for her finance's mom.  So I sent her a couple pics with these color choices.

She chose the platinum Swarovski pearl, the one shown in the upper left corner.  So I created a couple different styles of necklaces and she chose the one shown below, in pink & white, and in platinum and white pearls with clear crystals.  She also asked me to create matching clip-on earrings.  Below are several pictures I took of these 2 sets and I sure hope both moms enjoy wearing these beautiful necklaces and earrings in Anastasia's wedding!!

Thanks so much for reading... If you or someone you know is getting married, and you would like for me to custom hand make the jewelry sets for yourself, your bridesmaids, your flower girls, or for your entire wedding party, please contact me, as I would love to create the perfect wedding jewelry for your perfect day in your wedding colors!!  :)
You can reach me through this page, but also, I will add my info right here for easy access:
256-274-2849 (Cell)
And my Etsy shop is

Thanks again for stopping by!!