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Monday, November 12, 2012

Tracey Hotze Wedding Day Pictures

First and foremost, I must thank Tracey Hotze, a bridal customer who found me through my Etsy online jewelry shop!! I feel blessed and honored to have been asked to design and create her bridal party jewelry for one of the biggest bridal parties I have ever worked!!  We were in constant contact from Day 1 when she first emailed me after finding a bridal jewelry set I had listed in my Etsy shop. She sent me pictures of dresses and specifics of what she was looking for in her wedding jewelry as far as colors, designs, etc. She had 8 bridesmaids, 3 usherettes, 2 bridal assistants, 1 jr. bridesmaids, 1 flower girl, 3 program girls, mothers of the bride and groom, and for herself!!  Huge wedding party!!!  LOL  But I was thrilled to take on this big bridal order for Tracey!!

Before showing pics of the wedding day, I want to list previous links to the other blog posts that I wrote about during the entire process of creating her custom bridal jewelry.  To read more details and see more pictures of my work in progress, please see the following links:

To see the initial posts, from the design process on to the final products, please see the following posts:

Bridal Order for Tracey - Part 4 (more pictures and details of the jewelry for the jr. bridesmaid, flower girl, programs girls, and the mother of the bride V-shape double-strand pearl, cross weave stitched necklace)

Bridal Order for Tracey - Part 3 (designs of jr. bridesmaid, flower girl, program girls, and mother of the bride sets)
Bridal Order for Tracey - Part 2 (design of bride's set)

Bridal Order for Tracey - Part 1 (intro and design of bridesmaids and usherettes sets)

And here are the pictures that Tracey just recently sent to me.  Photographs courtesy of Overbeck Photography,


Looks like Tracey had a beautiful wedding and I feel honored and blessed to have been able to create the handmade jewelry that her entire bridal party wore to help make her special day that much more special!!!  :)

Thanks again, Tracy, for choosing me to design and create your jewelry!!  I hope you and your friends and family will be able to wear them again and they they will last a lifetime!!  :)