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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nadine's Wedding

This was my first wedding jewelry order for 2013, but I was also pretty swamped with selling lots of beaded and chain ID badge lanyards, for the first few months of the year. And doing my business taxes also took up a lot of time... Lesson learned... Don't leave all the bookkeeping until a month before taxes are to be filed, but keep up with everything all through the year!!  LOL

Ok, so the following is Nadine's wedding. Nadine contacted me from New Zealand, a first for me as far as international bridal jewelry orders go. And I was thrilled to help her out! After some discussion, we decided on Comet Argent Swarovski crystals (clear on one side and silver on the other side) and Mystic Black and Dark Lapis Blue Swarovski pearls.  I also added an extension chain with pearl and crystal dangle for each bracelet.  Nadine asked me to make 4 sets for her bridesmaids.

I am hoping to hear back from her soon to hear how her wedding went, and to find out how her bridesmaids liked their jewelry and also to get some wedding pictures to post on here!  :)