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Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Sale

Hey guys, check out my Summer Sale, going on now through July 8!! Buy anything from my Etsy shop for 15% off - no catch!! Everything in my shop is 15% off through July 8!! Also enjoy FREE SHIPPING for any purchase of $25 or more...
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bridal Order for Tracey - Part 1

So... Moving on to my next big bridal jewelry order, and just in time... as I just finished my last big jewelry order for Anastasia.  So I was ready for another big order... And wow, did I get a big order!!  Tracey, like Anastasia, found me on Etsy and was interested in one of my bridal jewelry sets that I had listed, featuring Swarovski bronze and ivory pearls and Swarovski smoked topaz and clear crystals.  She contacted me, asking if I could make her 13 sets (for 8 bridesmaids and 5 usherettes).  I gladly accepted and started working on designs that could possibly work for both...

After emailing each other a few times, in addition to her sending me pictures of her dress, her bridesmaids dress, and her usherettes dress, we decided to change up the colors some, based on her wedding colors of burnt orange, dark brown, and tan... Wow, what a beautiful combination of colors for a fall wedding in October. I suggested that we make one set for the bridesmaids and another set for the usherettes.  So I started working on some more designs, one with the bridesmaid dress in mind, and one with the usherette dress in mind.

So for the bridesmaids, I started with some beautiful burnt orange glass pearls that I had found on Etsy, champagne glass pearls, and some Swarovski deep brown pearls.


For the usherette designs, I created a design with the same glass champagne pearls and Swarovski deep brown pearls, and replaced the burnt orange glass pearls with some Swarovski bronze pearls.

And here are some pictures with both designs together...



Stay tuned for my next blog, where I will talk about and show pictures of the bridal designs I created for Tracey to wear with her gorgeous wedding dress!!  Also, the bridal party has grown, to almost 20 jewelry sets!!  She asked me to make the jewelry for her 3 program girls, jr. bridesmaid, and flower girl.  So exciting!!  I love creating bridal jewelry!!!  :-)  So, obviously, I will be posting more on all of these jewelry designs and then end with the final bridal jewelry that Tracey will choose for her wedding in October...  :-)