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Friday, August 9, 2013

Valerie's Wedding Jewelry

This is a custom bridal order I designed for Valerie from Massachusetts.  She wanted me to make jewelry sets for her 4 bridesmaids, 1 maid of honor, and 1 flower girl.  She wanted the Swarovski crystals to be a dark blue and then some ivory and/or dark blue pearls.  So I tried out a few different designs, using different colors and sizes of pearls, and we ended up going with Swarovski cream pearls, Swarovski Petrol blue pearls, and Montana blue crystals.

Here are some of my initial designs...


After some back-and-forth correspondence, Valerie was able to decide on the perfect designs for her bridal party members!  So for the bridesmaids, we decided on Swarovski cream pearls (2 sizes) and Montana blue crystals.

And for the flower girl, we decided on Swarovski cream pearls, Petrol blue pearls, and Montana blue crystals.  I just love this look!!

For the flower girl earrings, we decided on sterling silver posts with pearl and crystal dangles.  I offered 2 options, shown below, and Valerie decided on the one on the left, with 2 pearls and 1 crystal.  Just beautiful!  :)

For the maid of honor, Valerie wanted something a little different and unique, and decided on a double-strand pearl and crystal necklace and bracelet and fancier earrings, so I used teardrop pearls in the earrings. 

The double-strand pearl necklace and bracelet is made with Swarovski cream pearls and light Colorado topaz crystals.  I used 2-to-1 hole sterling silver connectors, which then attached to the heart-shaped lobster clasp, with chain extender and pearl/crystal dangle, which you can see in the pictures showing the back of the necklace.

And then, I had to take some pictures of all of the jewelry sets in their gift boxes...  :)

Thanks for reading...  Hopefully I'll get some wedding pictures from Valerie from the big day!!

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!  :)

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